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Educational Arts Music & Talk




(4) – 1/2 hour slots $50.00 per month.

Move quickly for the slot of your choice . . . .

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“Testify Testify”  with Sister Celeste

 Sundays @ 7 pm @ 

Gospel Ministries

The most important work of Christian ministry is done by the local church.  This training ground prepares armies of believers to go out and reach the lost.

This programming is vital to the Christian cause.  It allows local ministries to attract individuals from all lifestyles for the purpose of bringing them into fellowship in the House of the Lord.  This fellowship is indispensable to the believer’s growth in Christ because it provides spiritual reinforcement by association, allows the pastor to address other kinds of needs, and prepares them for service in God’s Kingdom.

Some of the greatest churches in christendom will be targeted to air their services over EAMTRADIO.COM internet airways.  From Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles, China to Africa . . . the message will give listeners throughout the nation and world, the “Word of God” that is still relevant for today and is available at a church in their area.  EAMTRADIO is a great vehicle churches can use to provide their products, worship services and events on the worldwide web.

Become a Faithful Partner to the Global Church

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